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Law Advisors USA builds specific strategies based on your unique profile to help reduce your taxes, and in some cases – ZERO taxes.

Law Advisors USA has created hundreds of tax strategies for clients and have been licensed to practice before the US Tax Court since 1992. Law Advisors USA has extensive audit and tax experience dealing with business tax strategies and estate planning models and have been actively engaged in Domestic and Offshore Tax Strategies and Asset Protection Planning since 1991.

Our approach takes into consideration all aspects of your financial profile to optimize not only your tax planning but asset protection and estate plans as well. Currently our tax strategies include that following:



Limited Liability Corporation

The LLC gives you a definite advantage in your tax planning.

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Self-Cancelling Installment Note

A self-cancelling installment note (SCIN) is used to eliminate gift tax cost.

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Asset Protection Trust

Where risk of liability exists, consideration is given to the asset-protection trust.

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Personal Tax Inversion

A “personal tax inversion” helps to avoid paying large sums of state income taxes.

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Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust

IDGT is an irrevocable trust that wants to be different.

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Defined Benefit Plan

412(i) defines the benefit that will be paid to the participant at retirement.

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Law Advisors USA will create a Tax Elimination Strategy specifically for you and help get you to Zero taxes.

Law Advisors USA has been in business since 1988 and have created hundreds of trusts and legal entities such as LLCs/S Corps/C corps. We are licensed to practice before the US Tax Court since 1992 and have extensive audit and tax experience dealing with business tax strategies and estate planning models.

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